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Terms of Service
Remember: Logging into Digis is a voluntary process, and as such, you are volunteering to abide by our terms. If you disagree with our terms, you should immediately log out.

1a.) All images, text, concepts, logos, and other content are copyrighted to us. You may not take, alter, trace, sell, redistribute, auction, or claim any of it as your own. As such, you may not sell any Digis items, currencies, pets, or accounts for "real-life" currency.

1b.) However, creative works inspired by or containing Digis or Digis artwork are fine so long as they contain adequate credit/disclaimers.

2.) You may not disclose personal information of any sort to any user on this website. This includes, but is not limited to: your real name, location, phone number, password, login name, and/or SSN. If someone is to gain illegal access into your account, we are not to be held responsible. Keep in mind that Digis staff will never ask for your personal information!

3.) If you cheat or otherwise knowingly break our terms and/or rules, we will disable your account(s) along with all items, pets, and currencies, regardless of whether or not these were obtained through our FotM shop. Nothing puts you above the rules, and nothing justifies cheating.

4.) You are allowed two accounts on Digis, but only two. If you use this second account to cheat, we will disable both of your accounts. ("Cheating" constitutes using more than a single account for any feature with a limit determined by something other than number of Digis. For example: Games with daily GCC limits, Events, Raffles, etc.) Please see our FAQ for further details.

5.) We expect you to follow all additional rules posted around the site, such as our forum rules. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with changes that we may have recently made.

6.) While we have administrators and moderators lurking the site, we are not responsible for content posted by individual users, nor can we always catch inappropriate content immediately. You are accepting this risk whenever you visit our forums and/or read private messages.

7.) While we do everything in our power to keep the website up and running, downtime can, and occasionally will, happen. We are not to be held liable for inconveniences this may cause.

8.) Any and all private information collected by Digis is for our personal use; we do not share personal information with any third parties.
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