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Digis is invite-only for the next several months. To join, you need a registered user of Digis to create a "join code" for you. Once you have this, you can register below. You can also check back in spring to see if registration has opened up.

For security purposes we request that all users choose a login name that differs from their username, as well as a four-character-long SSN that differs from their password. We know this form looks intimidating, but we assure you, everything serves an important purpose. ♥

NOTE: Your password, login name and SSN should be all be kept secret!!


* Username is your publically-displayed name, unique to you. You may only use letters, number, spaces, and hyphens.
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* Login Name is used by you when logging into Digis. Nobody will ever see your Login Name.

* Your SSN is a 4-digit letter-or-number combination used as a mini-password around Digis.

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